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Me at mountain walk

 My name is Nikolay Hristov. I was born in 1977 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Zodiac Sign: aquarius. I live in Gabrovo.
 Here is my photo album. My blog can be accessed here: http://geroyblog.blogspot.com.

 I work as a senior system administartor at STEMO Ltd. Work consumes almost all of my time.

 Computer Games
  Thief series, Heroes of Might and Magic III, Might and Magic (1 to 10),
  Lands of Lore, System Shock 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights 1,2 and now HoMM 5!!!
  Dungeons and Dragons Online - Stormreach (at Keeper). Now on US Servers - Thelanis. Some screenshots here
 Sci-Fi/Fantasy Books
  Terry Pratchett, Douglas Adams, Roger Zelazny, A. & B. Strugatski, L.M.Bujold, S.Lukianenko
  Green Day, Sting, The Kovenant, The Offspring, Deep Forest, Astral Projection, Therion, Relax Ambient/Chillout

  Long afternoon walks among the forest is nothing I can compare with. See at my photo album.
  I am devoted fan of subaru. I own Subaru Impreza 1.6, AWD, 1996. See picture here

 Netacct-mysql - traffic accounting daemon with SQL support.
 b00ble - ftp indexer/search engine uses mysql to store data. Requres PHP/MySQL. Uses shell script for indexing (sed/awk/find).
 libk8055 patch - patch for libk8055 to work on NetBSD (*BSD too I hope).
 simple forum (demo) - simple forum written on php/mysql. It support threads and simple search. No auth module (non-open source).
 Web Diary - register for incoming/outgoing post mail - written in PHP/MySQL for a friend of Gabrovo Regional Court (non-open source), Regional Court of Sevlievo too.
 CoolantChem - program for Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant written in C++ using wxWidgets (non-open source).
 Web Desing - Here are some of my web designs.
 mini-cap - collection of various tools for sniffing written in C.
 mini-icmpd - simple icmp keep-alive daemon written in C.
 Velleman k8055 - Velleman k8055 on NetBSD HOWTO.
 some patches - most of them NetBSD related.
 NetBSD на български mini-howto - mini-howto за основни настройки на NetBSD на български.
 NetBSD/xen bg howto - HOWTO за инсталация на NetBSD/xen като Domain0 на български.
 No sound between PC and LG 32LD350 Full HD via HDMI cable - Quick solution for a problem i have encountered with my new TV.
 tun.ko module howto for android - Android 2.2 FRF91 Viewsonic Viewpad 7 tun.ko module compilation and howto install openvpn on your device.
 Some notes (link 1,link 2,link 3,link 4,link 5) about installing NetBSD/Debian GNU/Linux on PowerMac G4/1GHz/GeForce 440mx.
 DNSCurve, NaCl, CurveCP - съвременен поглед върху защитата на данните в интернет (статия, копие в http://www.linux-bg.org/ and local copy DNSCurve).
 Въведение в daemontools (DJB Way) - ръководство за използване на daemontools.
 Как работи DNS, част 1 - Resolvers и Cache сървъри - Как работи DNS от гледна точка на краният потребител. Копие на статията е публикувана в http://www.linux-bg.org/

Other stuff:
 embedded environment documents - collection of embedded docs and interesting stuff.

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