[ HDMI no sound to LG HDTV 32LD350 ]

Problem: No sound between PC and LG 32LD350 Full HD via HDMI cable

Gigabyte GA-965P-S3 rev.3.4 motherboard
NVidia GeForce 9800 GT with HDMI port
HDMI cable
LG 32LD350 Full HD 1080

When you connect HDMI cable there is video but no sound to LG TV.
Control Panel -> Sound -> Playback shows two devices.
Speakers (default device)
Realtek Digital Output
When you right click on Digi Output device -> test is seems like functional but still no sound.

You need to connect 2 pin cable from you sound card SPDIF-Out to your video card SPDIF-In.
In my case RT sound card is on motherboard but there are no SPDIF-out pins. I got only Cinch(RCA) output
on the motherboard itself. Solution is to modify 2 pins cable that comes with video card and plug one side
on the video card (in this case GeForce 9800GT) in SPDIF-In and Cinch(RCA) one at back of your PC in RCA
SPDIF-Out motherboard port.