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mini-icmpd - simple icmp keep-alive daemon written in C.

how it works. it sends icmp packets to specific ip addresses
given in command line with -d option (can be used multiple times)
interval can be given with -t option in seconds (default is 60)

can be used as helper to linux advanced routing with Julian Anastasov,
http://www.ssi.bg/~ja/ patches.
it requires keep-alive packets sent to all gateways so kernel can learn
that some of the links has came up again after failure.


$ make

will do almost all the work :)


./mini-icmpd -t 30 -d -d -d

this will send every 30 seconds icmp echo request to, and ip addresses

max ip addresses to ping simultaniously = 16.
edit ping.h if you want to change some default values

nikolay hristov, geroy@stemo.bg, geroy@horizon9.org, devane@gmail.com