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Skills and Services:

  -= Last Updated on: 01.09.2011 =-

  * 11+ Linux/UNIX System Administration Experience
  * Excelent knowledge of packet alanyzing
  * Excelent knowledge of network switching
  * Excelent knowledge of TCP/IP protocol
  * Excelent knowledge of wireless protocols
  * Good knowledge of routing protocols
  * Good programming skills (php, shells script, sql, c .. see bellow)
  * Basic skills of debuging
  * Installing, configuring and maintaining of NetBSD/OpenBSD (also FreeBSD) Servers and Linux Servers/Workstations
  * Writing and analyzing of firewalls. Familiar with ipchains/iptables/ipf/pf(so far best firewall i know)
  * Securing and system hardening of Linux by third party tools (openwall/grsecurity)
  * Linux/BSD kernel customization, optimization and system tunning
  * Installing full e-mail system including smtp/pop3/pop3s/imap/imap-ssl (qmail+vpopmail+maildrop+couirer+... djb and inter7.com products)
     + anti-spam system (spamassassin/simscan|qmail-scanner) + antivir (ClamAV and non-opensource products)
     + personal mail sorting using maildrop filter + web mail interface
     + dovecot imap and sieve can be used instead
  * Installing of apache/apache-ssl web server + extensions (php/modperl...)
  * Configuring Linux traffic shapers (HTB/CBQ/...)
  * Installing and configuring (also developing) of network traffic accounting for Linux/BSD/everything that runs libpcap library
  * Installing VPN solutions based on Open Source products (pptp/ipsec/openvpn...)
  * Experienced with security auditing and tracing already compromised systems, backdoors, trojans, LKM backdoors/loggers
  * Writing shell scripts for process automation, backups ...
  * Familiar with GNU autoconf/automake system
  * DNS management (djbdns+dnscurve, bind)
  * Familiar with domain name registration procedures
  * Familiar with RIPE stuff
  * Installing and (o yeah) reinstalling MS Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 servers, keyloggers,virus/trojan/backdoor/worms cleaning
  * Familiar with Microsoft Windows/Office products
  * Familiar with DOS 6.x and Windows 3.x
  * Excellent knowledge of SCO OpenServer 5.0.x Unix, repairing, hard disk clonning, password removing and etc.
  * Good knowledge of Brunswick Bowling software (Frameworx).

  * 2003 - Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) course - 4 semesters. Still no time (and money) to go to exam.
  * 2003 - UNIX System Administration course at NOAK Ltd. Bulgaria specializing SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.x
  * from 2001 until today Linux Users Group Bulgaria (LUG-BG) Annual Seminar at Stara Zagora
  * Some open source seminars like OpenFest)
  * from 2002 to now - Annual Cisco Expo Bulgaria - technical lectures
  * 2006 - UNIX System Administration course at www.noac.biz (again)
  * 2008 - VmWare ESX server course


  * 1999 - General Linux System Administration - Tekmetriks (now BrainBench)
  * 2002 - Linux Administration (RedHat) - brainbench
  * 2002 - Apache 1.x Administration (Master Degree) - brainbench
  * 2003 - PHP 4 Programming - brainbench
  * 2003 - Linux Programming - brainbench
  * 2003 - C Programming - brainbench
  * 2003 - SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.x System Administration Certificate
  * 2003 - Linux Administration (General) Master Degree - brainbench
  * 2004 - TCP/IP Administration - brainbench
  * 2004 - Assembly Language - brainbench
  * 2004 - HTML 4.0 - brainbench
  * 2012 - LPIC level 1
  * 2012 - LPIC level 2
   My Brainbench Transcript ID#: 131642

   Note: Certificates are 2 years valid and they are not on my Brainbench transcript but I have them on a paper

Experience so far:

  - Joomla 1.x initial installation and full customization for few web sites.
  - Brunswick Bowling - Operating System support(SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 Desktop) - driver installations, network card change, language settings change, Console OS support (ROM-DOS) - hard disk cloning, repairing.
  - VMWare Infrastructure - ESX Servers 3.x running a couple of Virtual Machines with several OS - linux, win2k3 servers, winxp/win2k server... (installed and supporting them atm as STEMO employee)
  - Installed Oracle 9 and Oracle RAC on Redhat AS2.1/AS3.0 (as STEMO employee)
  - Installed Oracle 10 on HP-UX/11.23 on PARISC, also Oracle RAC hardware: HP PARISC for Ministry of Justice, Bulgaria (as STEMO employee)
  - Support for 1 year for SCO OpenServer 5.0.7+ for Ministry of Interior, Bulgaria (as STEMO employee)
  - Installed and maintaining Linux/NetBSD routers and firewalls about 10 offices in the country (as STEMO employee)
  - Installed and remote administrating for Grafixoft Ltd. of 2 Linux servers in their 2 offices (mails and everything) - frends
  - Installed and maintaining small home network (including this server) based on NetBSD 3.0 - http, mail, samba, nfs,
     diskless workstation via PXE boot/nfs, dhcp server, xdmcp remote X login, wireless crypted network for home laptop use (Linksys based) .. etc..
  - patched and enchanced net-acct for company needs and maintainer of open source
    project http://netacct-mysql.gabrovo.com/ (as STEMO employee)
  - simple php/mysql ftp indexer (b00ble) written for company needs - open source (as STEMO employee)
  - ICQ/OSCAR protocol sniffer mini-cap written just for fun
  - simple PHP forum - demo written for needs of the site
  - DOS TSR keylogger written in Assembler (old stuff)

OS Knowledge:

   # Debian GNU/Linux - guru like ;)
   # Other Linux (Slackware, Fedora, SuSE..) - Excellent
   # NetBSD - Excellent
   # OpenBSD - Good
   # FreeBSD - Average
   # SCO UNIX OpenServer 5.0.x - Excellent
   # HP-UX - Average
   # MS Windows NT - Average
   # MS Windows 2k/XP Workstation - Excellent
   # MS WIndows 2k/2k3 Server - Good
   # MS Windows 95/98 - Excellent
   # Cisco IOS cli interface - Good
   # DOS/Windows 3.1x - Good (it was a long time ago)

Request assistence or contract me:

I can provide experienced remote assistence of any Linux distribution, most of BSD's, SCO OpenServer 5.0.x
for a certain ammount of money (negotiable) or gift in following conditions:

  * the work will be done in period from 18:00 local time (GMT +2) to somewhere midnight/early morning, in other words when I am not at work

You can reach me at these addresses:

geroy@stemo.bg, devane@gmail.com,